Family Portraits / Seniors

Portrait sessions are designed for you and your needs. I get it, no two individuals or families are the same or have the same desires and needs. Whether you are looking for a studio setting for you or your children, a location session for your yearly family pictures or you want to capture your accomplishment as a senior, I can provide guidance to locations, clothing choices and time of day to make sure you get the best from our time together!

What’s included:

  •  1 hour session with Elena
  •  On-location within Wake County
  •  All portrait images are color-corrected superb quality, beauty and uniqueness 
  •  Includes all images (minimum of 20)
  •  Multiple outfits as time and desire allows
  • Additional retouch can be purchased on the per image basis 


Sports Photography

Are you an athlete that wants to show off their dedication and accomplishments? What would do this better, a simple pose with no motion and no fire in it, or an actual action shot that displays your power, agility, strength and just looks WOW? 

Whether you swing a bat, a club or your arms, you play an active role in both you and your team’s success. So don’t let a sedentary portrait take away the motion you love your sport for!

As a former athlete, I know and see sports, I see the action and have the timing it takes to make that portrait — the ONE that goes on your wall!

As with any of my sessions, I edit and deliver the digital files to you. Because of the nature of these sessions, you should expect about 15 full-resolution files, completely edited and your’s to keep.

  • We take as long as it is necessary to capture your shots
  • On-location within Wake County (a travel fee outside of Wake would be included and depends on your location)
  • Includes all edited images (minimum of 15)
  • Group Discount: let me know if you have more than 1 person within the same sport interested. We can do them all at once, saving time and money!


Swim & Underwater

What is an underwater session? Think of it as playing in the pool with a friend. I pride myself on making these sessions fun. Yes, there will be work involved  — you’ll be swimming around, but the end result will be so worth it! There is no other session that offers so much freedom and artistic creation than an underwater photoshoot.

Who is this session good for? Are you a swimmer who would like to show off their mastery? Have you ever wondered, why olympics uses underwater cameras to capture the swimmers? Correct! All the action is in the water so you need to be there to see it. And I am able to do just that for you!

Another great idea is capture your kids underwater. Are they just starting up and learned to put their face in the water? Or maybe they are good swimmers and know how to dive? Kids do fantastic underwater sessions. Photos come out vivid and live, with those bright swim garments and wide smiles (of course letting some bubbles out). Best art pieces for the wall if you ask me!

  • We take as long as necessary, but a typical session lasts about one hour
  • I give detailed instructions on what to do and when
  • We only try things swimmer is comfortable performing. SAFETY FIRST!
  • For swimmers, we do deck and underwater shots to let you fully show off your skills and yourself
  • includes all edited images (minimum of 20)

Travel fees apply to sessions outside of Wake County, but may be waived, at my discretion, if you have a large group of swimmers (minimum 5 or more and depends on distance from the Raleigh area) wanting to be photographed over the course of a day or weekend. Ask me about my swim team minis!



Price does not include sales tax, which is payed separately

Services. Family and Sports photographer in Cary Raleigh NC North Carolina
Services. Family and Sports photographer in Cary Raleigh NC North Carolina
Services. Family and Sports photographer in Cary Raleigh NC North Carolina